Masters of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, with the objective of preparing students for executive careers in business or in institutions that use business techniques and policies in management and administration. The programs are expansive, and aim to provide competence in overall management and administration. The majority of the coursework is devoted to a broad understanding of the environment, controls, and practices. Our unique full-time MBA program fuses rigorous academics with meaningful, full-time business experience, creating a synergy that will define your time inside and outside of the classroom. In just 18-24 months, you will gain the vital knowledge, skills, and expertise you need to accelerate your career. Areas of concentration:

    MBA – Accounting
    MBA – Finance
    MBA – International Business
    MBA – Supply Chain Management
    MBA – Public Relations and Marketing
    MBA – Business Information Systems

Masters of Science

The PSP provides graduate students the opportunity to further develop strengths in the analysis, applied design, development, implementation, and management of modern information technology systems and engineering disciplines. The two-year schedule offers a convenient way for you to add a master’s degree to your résumé while you work. MS degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology are hands-on programs designed specifically to prepare individuals to lead the development of robust technology solutions for industry and to have responsible leadership roles in the technology and information environments of the modern workplace. Designed for working professionals, these two-year programs connects theory and experiential learning to equip technology professionals with the skills to design information systems and lead their implementation and optimize their application. Our applied engineering MS degrees prepare professionals from diverse fields to better understand how to manage complex engineering systems and improve processes in the field of advanced manufacturing and Mechatronics. Students hone their skills in project and program management, quality improvement initiatives, and creativity and problem solving. This interactive and collaborative cohort program helps students build strong ties with their professional faculty and gain perspectives from other disciplines and leaders in industry. UF’s PSP offers MS degrees in the following disciplines:

    MS – Computer Science
    MS – Information Technology
    MS – Industrial and Systems Engineering
    MS – Manufacturing Engineering
    MS – Mechatronics